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A charitable organization dedicated to providing positive resources for women and youth.


In 2018, Amber Carman started the Oopsie Project with a goal of supplying Ipsy bags stuffed with feminine products to as many local schools as she could. 

Gina Elmazi saw what she was doing and decided to help. She asked her Facebook friends for ipsy bag donations. She asked her business clients to donate the menstrual products to fill them. She enlisted the help of friends to stuff the bags and distribute 40 at a time to all Volusia County Elementary, Middle and High schools. That first meeting, they put together about 200 bags to distribute.


Things were going great, then the pandemic hit, and slowed things down…


In the Fall of 2021, Gina decided to start things up again, and Samantha Tribble offered to host the next stuffing party at her photo studio - Lunar Studio in New Smyrna Beach... where they met Kelly Kalweit!

Another stuffing party was planned for January 2022 where they stuffed over 1,500 Oopsie bags. After that stuffing party, they formed a board to “make it legit” and became a 501(c)(3) organization. 

In March 2022, Good for Girls Initiative Inc. was founded, and in April 2022, they were approved by the IRS to become a 501c3 designated charity. 

In April 2022, they had another stuffing party where volunteers filled over 3,300 bags and another in July where over 7,000 bags were filled!

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