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Drop-Off Location Welcome Packet

We are so thrilled that you have decided to become a drop-off location for the Good for Girls Initiative Oopsie Project! We are so excited to direct our donors to your store front.

Everything you need to get started is on this page.


We have just a few requirements for our drop-off locations:


1. It must be shared with employees that your business is a drop-off location so those donating are not turned away.

2. A sign must be prominently displayed noting what the Oopsie Project is and what you are collecting.

3. A post on your social media announcing your new designation as a drop-off location must be made.

4. Someone from your business must either commit to attending our stuffing parties or delivering all donations prior to the stuffing party.

5. Your business should donate at least one prize per year for member contests in our group. Please email us with your prize here.

6. You or your business must be active in our Facebook Group.


Drop-Off In Store Locations Flyer

Let your customers know what you are collecting and where they can put their donations with the flyer below.

Color Download

Black & White Download


Let your followers know!

Download your Drop-Off Location announcement here to post to your social media accounts to let your followers know! Make sure to tag us.

Download Here


Oopsie Project Decal

Would you like a decal to put on your business door or window showing your designation as a drop-off location? Decals are just $5 per decal.

Send us an email with how many decals you would like and where they can be delivered to.

We are so excited you're here!

Thank you so much for generously offering a space for our donors to bring their donations!

Your business will be listed on our drop-off locations tab for our website visitors to find.

Interested in your business being showcased on our Facebook Group banner for over 3.8k members to see for an entire month? Send us an email for the details!

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